Monday, 8 June 2009

Euro Election Night in Reading

I just came back from the count in Reading, and saw some amazing results for the Greens.

Locally in Park Ward we were far ahead of the other parties, reflecting the large amount of work done, mostly by the candidate Rob White assisted by a strong support team.

The surprise was in places like Thames and Mapledurham, where we came in second!

This lead to another surprise, coming in 3rd place overall in Reading; ahead of the Lib Dems! They have 8 Cllrs, we have yet to win our first. If only we can keep these voters in the next election.

Nationally the results are still coming in, but it looks like we have more votes but remain on 2 MEPs.

Cllr Richard Willis said 'the big surprise of the night was the Greens claiming third place and pushing the Lib Dems into fourth place'

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