Friday, 5 June 2009

D Day For Brown 6th June

On top of every other disaster Brown is having, he has managed to mess up an important ceremony and anger the veterans.

Although Gordon Brown will be there, it is wrong that the French and American heads of state – Presidents Sarkozy and Obama — are attending but the Queen, the only head of state to have been involved in the war, is not.

Paris described the event as “primarily a Franco-American ceremony”, said that an invitation had been extended to the British Government and it was up to Mr Brown to decide who would attend.

“The Queen of England, as British head of state, is naturally welcome,” said a French government spokesman. “It’s not up to France to decide who will represent Britain.”

I'm no fan of monarchy, but she should be in France today. Prince Charles coming as an afterthought is no substitute.

Then we should make the Royal family pay the same tax that the rest of us do; talk about an expenses scandall. The palaces and gardens should be their for all of us, not those with the 'right' parents.


DocRichard said...

Who's the pensioner in pink standing next to Obama? And who's that bloke to the left of Michelle? He looks a bit deranged. What's Security up to? You just can't get a decent security service nowadays can you?

howard thomas said...

Perhaps we could have sent Prince Philip as our representative and told him to mingle with the French leadership !