Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Greens in the Berkshire News

Reading Evening Post Poll: European elections Who will you vote for on 4 June?
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Conservative 33%
Green 16%
Labour 13%
Liberal Democrat 8%
Other 9%
None of them 12%

I don't think the sample is yet big enough to be accurate, but it does reflect how angry people are with the big parties.

A Good story also in

Its been a great week for us in the National press;
Carolines Website
Carolines Blog

A few days ago there were some other polls:
A ComRes poll of European voting intentions,
Tories on 28 per cent,
Labour on 20
Lib Dems on 14,
Ukip were on 15,
the Greens on 11 and the
BNP on 4 per cent.

A YouGov poll, commissioned by the Green party and shows 34% of respondents said they would either definitely be voting Green or would consider voting Green. This is the highest percentage ever to indicate potential support for the Greens, according to YouGov

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Adrian Windisch said...

1 day later:
Conservative 45%
Green 10%
Labour 12%
Liberal Democrat 8%
UKIP 10%
Other 7%
None of them 9%