Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Euro Candidates And Parties Election 2009 June 4th

I've started getting some freepost leaflets, and I've been watching PEBs, so I thought I would do a round-up of the parties standing in the Euro Elections.

In alphabetical order the list starts with the BNP.

The BNP website (I wont give a link but bnpwatch is informative) starts by being negative about UKIP “cheerfully” announcing that (Farage) has taken “more than £2 million in expenses”. Their PEB features the valuable work done by their Cllrs (the ones not arrested presumably) in putting in a CCTV camera. They then attack CCTVs in Bins, a bit confused. Joanna Lumley blasted British National Party leaflet targeting a Gurkha killed in action. The SUN are camapigning against the BNP who they say campaign against a Gurkha soldier. The BNP claim its a fake.

The Christian Party is lead by Revd. George Hargreaves, who wrote and produced the single “So Macho” for Sinitta, stood for the Referendum Party in '97, then the Lib Dems, before finding the Christian Party. "An outrageous BNP election poster suggests that Jesus would vote for the British National Party. Indeed, the BNP has claimed that they are "the only political party which genuinely supports Britain's Christian heritage." Clearly, neither is the case. They demonstrate their sense of humour by saying the "CHRISTIAN PARTY CALLS FOR SHADOW LEADER OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS TO BE SACKED FOR MURDEROUS CHRISTOPHOBIC COMMENT ON BBC ‘HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU’" Their PEB claim that as a vote against the BNP a vote for them counts 4 times more than a vote for Lab, Con LD or Green. Some creative maths perhaps. Christian website"Key Policies; A Christian Europe" so presumably they don't like Turkey, or Muslims

Conservatives website leads on dentistry, the PEB on sleaze. 'Vote for Change' (sounds like an OBAMA copycat). The PEB is about corruption, Cameron has a way to go to loose their current image as greedy rich men. Daniel Hannan their MEP became a star of youtube, showing how little Brown was attacked in the UK parliament.

English Democrats sound a bit like the BNP/UKIP "Putting England First". Their PEB also features how wonderful things are in Wales and Scotland at our expense; and rubbish, clearly a hot topic.

Jury Team politics without parties; their website attacks UKIP, Brown, Jacqui Smith & the party system.

Lib Dems PEB features Nick Clegg talking about top up fees, the website is quite negative, item 2 'British criminals would walk free under Tory plans'.

No2EU (Yes to Democracy) is a coalition of trade unionists, anti EU from the left. They want you to 'lend' them your vote (but don't ask for it back).

Libertas uch like everyone else here, they want to reform the EU. They claim 'Libertas is the first and only pan-European party' which I doubt. They say 'Conservative MEPs are three times more likely to employ their wives than other MEPs'
One of their main people has a double identity, David Craig

Socialist labour party has Arthur Scargill as a candidate...'The EU is a capitalist club'...the website has more about '84 than the present.

Green PartyA YouGov poll shows 34% "would consider" voting Green, great PEB about not being a 'beardy' party. Caroline Lucas comes across very well in the media, and has increased the profile as leader.

Labour has a very negative PEB, mentions Cameron throughout. The website is similar, and is a mess of colours. Celebrity endorsement; Lily Allen 'I’ll vote for you, Gordon Brown' (but not in the Euros?) Their MEP Peter Skinner used the word 'replace' when he meant recycle, we should replace him.

Peaceparty 'Breaking the Mould The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment aims to break the mould of British, European and World politics.' By copying of the Green Party.

The Roman party Ave have no website, and just one candidate. Jean Louis Pascual, a bus driver in Reading who stands every election, no one can quite figure out why. He gets around 20 votes in council elections, and thinks that people should 'When in Rome Do as the Romans do'.

United Kingdom First 'UKF has been formed to be the voice for Britain's forgotten majority.' They seem to be against the EU, much like UKIP. 4 candidates in the SE.

UKIP Very brash website, they deny MP Spink represents them, the word independent is confusing. Their PEB is all about, guess what, leaving the EU. Their website features pictures of Chrchill and the Dalai Lama! They hope to gain from the sleaze of the main parties, they don't mention ex-MEPs; Ashley Mote (jailed for benefit fraud), Tom Wise (charges of false accounting and money laundering). They are being investigated by the Electoral Commission, which says that it is concerned that its most recent accounts were filed more than six months late. It is also investigating a series of "separate issues". One man, Alan Bown, a former bookmaker, has bankrolled Ukip with more than £1 million. Ukip's membership is falling. It currently has around 18,000 members, down from a peak of more than 26,000 two years ago.
ukipwatch is informative. has a full list.


Adrian Windisch said... to see Sinitta do her thing, cheers Revd. Hargreaves

AB said...

v useful summary - I am sitting reading this with my postal vote beside me. Thanks!

Adrian Windisch said... The Jury Team is backed by ex Tory millionaire Sir Paul Judge