Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bath Road Reservoir Meeting Tonight 13 May 7.30pm Downshire Sq Church Hall

I wrote about the Bath Road Reservoir in Dec 07.

What's New?
PUBLIC MEETING Weds 13th May 7.30pm Downshire Sq Church Hall

Thames Water still intent on demolishing entire site and will be displaying plans on 14th & 16th May

I had heard that Thames Water were selling a nearby small reservoir in Bath Rd in West Reading a few years ago. It does seem odd that despite Thames Water being unable to provide enough water to existing properties at times, they want to reduce their reservoir capacity and increase the number of homes using water. Perhaps their desire for profit is a greater motivator than their remit to provide water for residents. Whose silly idea was it to privatise the water indusrty again? Oh yes, cheers Mrs Thatcher, and Blair and Brown for allowing this to continue.

When I heard about the plans for development first my reaction was to keep the wildlife haven, and get Thames Water to respond to customers not just maximise their profits buy selling their assets to the highest price. I also had the idea that if they no longer needed the water storage capacity they could do something really innovative and build some underground eco houses within the underground reservoir, and not touch the wildlife area at all.

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howard thomas said...

Quite right Adrian, the water companies should never have been sold off. Short term gain for those who bought the original shares , and then we all have to pay over the odds for our water.
Thames water are only interested in profits ---some of which are required to pay back the borrowing that was required by Kemble Water to buy Thames water---apparantly the interest alone is £60 million.
Effectively Thames Water customers are paying for the company ,but will never see the benefit.
And why on earth would any proper water supplier want to scale down on its water storage capacity at a time when the demand gets higher and higher.Next time we have a shortage of water small resevoirs like this will help us all.