Friday, 6 February 2009

BNP Wives make the case against the BNP

BNP Wives was shown on Sky 3, what an amazing programme. I've only seen a few minutes but already they have shown a group of BNP campaigners who were trying to stop a Mosque being built in Fareham fail to win an argument and attack the questioner instead.

Person in the street: "It doesn't bother me",
BNP activist (muttering): "It will do if one of them bleedin' rapes your daughter"
A woman asked them why it was a bad idea to have a mosque, they couldnt answer her, instead they said she was a "fat slag" who would "benefit from having a burqua"! They are quite mad.

Their leaflets and speeches are shown to be full of lives. They claim the English have been here for thousands of years, when actually Britain has had waves of migration for centuries, there is no racial purity. They claim the Navy and McDonalds only serve halal food, as though this was a terrible tradgedy. But of course bacon and ham are not hahal, and can anyone imagine the Navy not serving any pork products.

It seems the best way of defeating these idiots is to let them speak.
BNP Wives is now available to view online here. Give them enough rope ...

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Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin on Question Time sounds good to me,in fact half hour everyday on the BBC or Sky News would be great,do you agree?

Dav S said...

I agree entirely, let them appear on QT, daily politics, whatever. the more their views are put up for debate, the more people will realise how wrong they are. they win a lot of support at the moment because they claim that the mainstream media/politics won't include them or listen to their views. as soon as the mainstream world does include them, everything they stand for will be revealed as nonsense.

Adrian Windisch said...

I think Nick gets plenty of publicity already, what made this doc so interesting is we got to views of ordinary members.

I would rather have some green views on QT/Daily Pol etc, all to often we hear from the big 3 parties without challenge.

Anonymous said...

I think all parties big and small should get a set time each week,a level playing field.Real debate, live.