Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Skip Window Shopping

Some people like to window shop in actual shops with windows, but many people who are into recycling do something similar with skips. Outside the Green Party conference in London was a skip containing about 20 acro props. Now these may cost a couple of hundred pounds, but its not just the monetary value that makes greens gasp at seeing them in a skip, but the idea of throwing away something so useful.

One can only hope that as the waste has in this case been segregated, it will be dealt with responsibly, and the useful items removed and not melted down for scrap. At the conference minds were once again focused on the need for drastic action to reduce our energy use, the idea of melting these down in order to remake them as something else is a waste.

Now some cultures don't value reuse, but I would put it ahead of buying new any day. When looking for clothing I head to the charity shops before the high street. Working in construction I often see things thrown away that could be used, and occasionally I will take them home. One needs to be careful, it would be easy to turn a home into a scrap yard, so sometimes you have to say no. But most of my furniture is second hand, indeed some of it came from a construction office that had closed and was being thrown away. I'm still using the lever arch files and scrap paper taken from the same site years ago.

Remember, Reduce, Reuse then Recycle. Not buy new then throw it into the skip!
For an example of how much acro props can cost on ebay, theres a similar item with a starting bid of £300.

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