Sunday, 7 September 2008

London Green Party Conference Sep 2008

What an amazing conference its been so far. The highlight was Caroline Lucas MEP becomming the new Leader, and the media coverage of this. She was on the evening news Saturday night and the Andrew Marr show Sunday morning.

Its also been productive in other ways. I went to a facinating fringe on the energy use of buildings, chaired a workshop on a green construction motion, started a green construction group and helped shape Green Party policy. Also there were votes for the National Executive and leader and deputy leader.

Rob White (pictured) took up the cause of Gurkha rights, they are unfairly discriminated against at the moment. For people that have put their life on the line this is indeed shabby treatment. Thanks to Rob we now have an emergency motion calling for them to be treated more fairly.

We had a productive South East Confederation meeting, where lots of people volunteered to help in the campaigning to come for next years Euroelection. Caroline is now Leader, target MP candidate in Brighton and Hove as well as number one on the Euro list. The fate of the party is in her hands, and she has proverd herself a safe pair of hands.

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