Tuesday, 13 May 2008

New Election Tactic, a personal note

I've not seen this tactic before, a letter (or 'personal note') from a candidate just before the local election that looks handwritten, but isn't. It's typical of the other parties to try and pretend to be something that they are not, but here its a surprise that anyone would try a deception that is so easy to see through. If you look along the edge of the 'letter', you can see how on the paper hasn't lined up with the printer, and runs over the edge. Like most Lib Dem leaflets its also very negative about other parties, having little to say about what they would do.

It also states how much work the candidate has done, but doesn't actually say what, if anything he has done. Other leaflets from him have pictures of him on his own at various places, but getting a picture in front of something isn't the same as doing something. This is the Martin Salter school of politics, spin not substance. I'm glad the voters saw through these cheap tricks and ignored Mr Brown and the other parties that are liberal with the truth.

Some Labour Leaflet Lies
porky newlsetter

All the other parties said we couldn't get above 3rd place, and all were wrong. Dont believe the lies.

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