Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Campaign against Climate Change DEMONSTRATION at HEATHROW Saturday MAY 31st

climate camp 2007

Called by Campaign against Climate Change, HACAN, NOTRAG , and others….

On Monday 25th February there was an indoor Rally against Heathrow expansion in the Central Hall, Westminster, with around 3,000 attending (a second Hall had to be used). This was after many local meetings around West London up to a thousand strong. The movement against the Third Runway at Heathrow is gathering pace….and snowballing exponentially…..

This is not just about Heathrow, this is about drawing a line in the sand against big investment decisions that are locking us into a headlong plummet into climate catastrophe. The huge expansion in aviation, of which the Heathrow expansion is the flagship component, is totally incompatible with winning the battle against climate catastrophe, totally incompatible in fact, with the Government’s own Climate Bill.

This is a battle we need to win – and a battle we can win ! We want to see people coming from all over the country to join the tens of thousands who will be protesting in West London. We want a massive show of force to make sure we win our first big victory in the war to redirect Britain towards a low carbon future. Come and be part of it – join a Spring Carnival of Resistance to the Third Runway, Airport Expansion and the insanity of government decisions that would lock us into climate catastrophe.

We can stop the third runway ! We will stop the third runway !

Watch this space for more details as they become available.

Put the date in your diary now !

Tell everyone you know about it !

Oops, too late, what happens when Climate Change meets airport expansion, wet airplanes!
Airplane flood


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idiotic to be expanding airline capacity when we need to be reducing emissions. Even the tories can see this, a few years late but eventually they may get their.,