Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Crewe And Nantwich By Election

At Ian Dales blog
Candidates are asked about the environment/future energy supply
tamsin + edward, what are your positions regarding our future energy supply and not just your party policy where should our future lie PRECISE PLEASE

Tamsin Dunwoody (Lab) easier planning laws to allow householders to install renewable energy, get away from oil/gas dependancy, help those in fuel poverty (£1.2bn invested so far) keep working with business to reduce consumption, stop manufacturers making stuff that stays on standby all the time.

Edward Timpson (Con) What we need is sustainable energy policy which is not over reliant on one form. it has to be a combnation of wind, oil coal, nuclear, solar. Additionally we need to be conscious about reducing our carbon footprint and to move sensibly towards Kyoto targets

Elizabeth Shenton (LD) securing future energy supplies is a hugely important issue facing this country. With the abundance of offshore expertise in the North Sea oil industry, combined with its endless supply of wind - I don't see why we can't combine these two factors to make the world's largest offshore windfarm.

So much for the three Grey parties saying the environment is important. The Tories promoting Coal, Labour relying on individuals and buisness, no mention of government. None mention insulation, reduction of energy demand, or solar power.

They all ignore the Green Choice, Rob Smith. "People are being given a false choice. The 3 grey parties are running a phony campaign by claiming that there are differences between the red, yellow and blue. "Privatisation has failed, and big rises in fares mean that ordinary
people are paying out for shareholder profits instead of seeing that money reinvested back into better services. People deserve better value public transport, not an identical choice of continued privatisation from the three parties. On so many issues, such as public transport, only the Greens are
offering a different vision of how to run the country."

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