Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Cherie Blair “Speaking For Myself ”

The public scandal generated by Cherie has been about her money grabbing ways, and with the publication of her book her references to the late Dr David Kelly. But when I heard some on Radio4 Tuesday morning, was surprised at her lack of morals in what was once considered her private life. When she came down to London as a young woman she left her boyfriend back home, then went out with a second man, then cheated on both of them with Tony Blair. I had been under the impression that Lawyers were trained in ethics. Also she has been complaining about the media intruding on her privacy, this went out the window when money was to be made by her. Normally I would respect the privacy of individuals, but when they bring a book out they change the rules.

For many years her ex partner has kept silent about all this, but without telling him she has now revealed all, in order to make some more money with her new book. In her day job Cherie is self-employed and allegedly earning over £150,000 a year, but acts as if she is desperate for cash. Cherie Blair’s is been reminding us just how disliked the they both were.

Dr Kelly was the weapons expert who took his own life after his identity was revealed by Blairs administration, regarding the "dodgy dossier" on weapons of mass destruction. She should be "ashamed of herself" for writing about the suicide of the MoD scientist Dr David Kelly in her memoirs, said his family. "It's a bit late for Cherie Blair to write that her husband 'knew that David Kelly was a loyal public servant driven to despair because of the furore'. Where else was the furore created but in her husband's office, with all that wicked nonsense being fed to the media that Dai was a Walter Mitty character and so on?" In her book Speaking for Myself, Mrs Blair describes how her husband slumped into his seat after being informed of Kelly's death. "It was awful," she said. "I have never seen Tony so distraught and I felt helpless to do anything."

Some (Highlights?) of her life:
* Involved with conman Peter Foster to negotiate a cheap price on two flats she was buying in Bristol.
* £1million autobiography, rushed out early, thus damaging Gordon Brown as he fights for the political life of the party she professes to support. Ta (the opposition).
* Writes about her son Euan being found drunk in the gutter as a teenager and cautioned by police. So much for her children's privacy.
* Blairs have bought another mansion - a £4million pile close to Chequers - bringing the Blair property portfolio to seven homes, yet still acts as though desperate for money.
* An eminent lawyer and former senior judge this week decreed that because of the "complete lack of decency" exposed in her memoirs, Cherie is unfit for office in her duties as a judge. I can see his point.

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