Sunday, 27 April 2008

Solving Climate Change Saves Billions - The 2030 Blueprint Study

straw bale building

A groundbreaking study released by Architecture 2030 this week shows that an investment of just $21.6 billion towards building energy efficiency would replace 22.3 conventional coal-fired plants, reduce CO2 emissions by 86.7 MMT, save 204 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 10.7 million barrels of oil, save consumers $8.46 billion in energy bills and create 216,000 new jobs.

The 2030 Blueprint study gives a comparative analysis of three approaches to addressing climate change - building energy efficiency, 'clean' coal (with carbon capture and sequestration) and nuclear power - while laying a new roadmap for solving the global warming and US economic crises. This plan, the 2030 Blueprint, is generating excitement amongst many diverse industries and groups for its practicality and achievability.

To download the complete 2030 Blueprint study go to

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