Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Mr 10 percent

Minister of Justice (sound like a cartoon character?) Jack Straw told the BBC on Monday that the full effects of scrapping the 10p tax rate had not been anticipated, saying: "Sometimes, even with the best brains available to government, there are inadvertent consequences of changes and we put our hands up to that."

If Blairs legacy was Iraq, will Brown be remembered in history for the man who messed up the 10p tax and made the poor even poorer? I suspect the policy was done last year as a stunt to try and wrong foot the Tories into thinking it was a tax cut, but has it ever bounced back.

What happened to the 'political genius' we were promised by his Labour friends? Can't do maths, doesn't respond well to people, likes to be in control, has trouble delegating authority. I would say a poor report card, lets see what the electorate thinks on Thursday.

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