Sunday, 13 April 2008

Danger of Fluoride In Driking Water

Those involved in the promotion and implementation of water fluoridation are vulnerable to significant legal liability. Reparations for the foreseeable consequence of dental disfigurement are likely to be further compounded by punitive damages which can be awarded for subsequent psychological pain and suffering experienced by the Plaintiff.

In a survey of USA dentists and hygienists and through 2,391 responses, dental professionals' knowledge about fluoride was far behind the science. Dental professionals need to learn the implications of the new understanding of fluoride's mode of action and need to understand the possible implications of the significant increase in dental fluorosis

Green Euro-MP Dr Caroline Lucas door stopped health staff at the Strategic Health Authority in Southampton demanding that plans to put fluoride in drinking water be dropped. In an open letter to health chiefs, Dr Lucas said:
“I am writing for two reasons. Firstly, to express my concern at the proposal currently being considered to fluoridate the drinking water in Southampton, and possibly elsewhere in Hampshire.

“And secondly, to ask what levels of exposure are there in the current Southampton population? If this is not known, what steps are being taken to find out?

“Water fluoridation has simply not been proven to be effective for teeth, particularly when the bad effects of dental fluorosis are taken into account.

“Furthermore, many studies have indicated links between water fluoridation and serious ill health effects, including thyroid problems, skeletal fluorosis, bone cancers and mental problems.

“Finally, putting fluoride in our water amounts to mass medication of the population. This directly contravenes the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, and is contrary to medical ethics. We are seeking a legal opinion on its further contravention of the Medicines Directive.”

Dr Lucas continued: “The concern over current levels of exposure in the population is a serious one, as it is very important to know the total dose that people will be receiving if water fluoridation were to be administered. The World Health Organisation advises that Public Health Administrators
should be aware of this before introducing any additional fluoride programme.”

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Red Green Nick said...

The idea of mass-medication gives me the creeps, whatever the medical case, and the case here is incredibly weak.