Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Faslane 365: Join the Big Blockade 1st October 2007

Faslane 365: Join the Big Blockade 1st October 2007
No new nukes! No old nukes! No nukes whatsoever!

A year of continuous, peaceful disruption (with almost 1000 arrests and occasional complete shut-down!) of Faslane nuclear submarine base is coming to an end on 1st October 2007! We will celebrate this by resisting some more and do a very large BIG BLOCKADE of Faslane starting 7am on Monday 1st October 2007, all of us, together!

There will be music and the Jeely Peace Café will provide their lovely snacks and hot drinks using recipes developed especially to keep the blockade energised!

Book that coach ticket now and put your body where your heart is and your bum in front of the gates of Faslane: blockade Trident!

Loads of groups who have already done blockades of their own will return. New people who haven't yet been to Faslane will join. This is a perfect opportunity to meet activists from throughout the country and beyond, exchange ideas, share stories and plot for the future! Come be part of bringing about change.

Ever wondered what it feels like being in a blockade where you are superglued together? Ask the Bradford and Leeds group, they will be there! Or what material the German indestructible arm tube was made of? The answer will be written on a banner next to the North Gate, but to give you a chance to bring some more of the same we'll let you know now: stainless steel!

Bring your banners, music, lock-ons, waterproofs, folding chairs, knitting, paints, tents, picnics, songs, bolt cutters, poems, flags etc and stay as long as you like or can or want!

Scotland has elected a government with an anti-Trident commitment. And the new Scottish Parliament has already passed a resolution calling upon Westminster not to replace Trident.

This is a unique opportunity for the people of a nuclear weapons state to lead the way in international nuclear disarmament. We need now more than ever to keep up the people pressure.

Let the Scottish Parliament know that people will not rest until Trident is dismantled. Tell the UK Government that we demand nuclear disarmament now. Be part of it. Blockade Faslane on 1st October!

Accommodation and ad hoc affinity group action planning/training opportunities will be available in Glasgow venues on Sunday 30 September. Coaches leaving Edinburgh 4:30am and Glasgow 5:30am on Monday 1st October. PLEASE BOOK NOW to ensure a space - 0845 4588 365 or info@faslane365.org

More info on www.faslane365.org/1oct

Help create a buzz. Spread the word in every way you can, electronically or by word of mouth! Leaflets can be ordered from leaflets@faslane365.org Join the blockade against Trident - shut down Faslane on 1st October 2007!!

0845 45 88 365 www.faslane365.org/1oct info@faslane365.org

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