Monday, 10 September 2007

Back to AWE

I went back to Aldermaston early this morning to take part in another blockade. Its was a small group today, and we didn't block the road for long, but we made our point. Block the Builders are the group behind the blockade, see and learn about the millions spent (wasted) on the Orion Laser facility, new Trident warheads & submarines.

Another site is where other similar protests are detailed eg Prestwich airbase and Colport. Then theres the High Surety Warhead, said to be the UK version of the USA reliable replacement program, a more powerful bomb with a name designed to imply its merely similar to the previous version.

The first minister of Scotland has called for a ban on nuclear convoys, good one SNP. See

According to the timetable for replacement is as follows:
2007 Decision in principle to preview new SSBNs and extend life of D5 missile
2007-2009 Initial concept and design work for a new submarine
2009-13 (“next Parliament”) Decision on replacement of warhead
2009-2016 Detailed design work on new submarine
2012-14 Contract to be placed for detailed design of new submarine
2016 Contract to be placed for build of first new SSBN
2016-2023 Build programme for first new SSBN
2022 HMS Vanguard out of service (with 5 year life extension)
2024 HMS Victorious out of service (with 5 year life extension)
2024 First new SSBN in service
2026 HMS Vigilant out of service (with 5 year life extension); Second new SSBN in service
2029 HMS Vengeance out of service (with 5 year life extension); Third new SSBN in service
2020s Decision on Trident D5 missile successor
2030-32 Fourth new SSBN (if required) in service
2030s Development of new ballistic missile
early 2040s Life-extended D5 missile out of service
2050s New SSBNs out of service

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