Monday, 25 June 2007

Bush Wars

Ive been reading 'House of Bush, House Of Saud' by Craig Unger, advertised as not available on You can buy it at so thats not correct, but its a very interesting book. Ive read about how George H.W.Bush (father of W.) helped fund the Islamic extremists that fought the Russians in Afghanistan with no thought of what they might do after. Similarly when he was vice president he helped back Sadam Hussain, got him to asassinate enemies and got him weapons including chemical and missile parts despite a ban on such sales. They backed Iran and Iraq at the same time and boosted arms sales. Some of it was used in Michael Moores film Farenheit 911, the close link between the Bush and Sauf families got the Bin Ladens home despite everyone else being banned from air travel and the FBI wanting to question Osmas family about him. Really gives you a sense of confidence about the future.

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