Saturday, 30 June 2007

Bad start for Brown

We may be living in momentous days that will be long remembered, the Brown take over from Blair. But will it make a difference? We've been promised an end of spin, it seems much the same so far, but its early days.

In Browns first days we've had flooding, British soldiers killed in Iraq and another terrorist attempt in London, but no sign of looking for reasons why these things are happening and preventing them. To stop flooding, end building on flood plains, and get rooftop collection of rainwater going. To stop troops dying in Iraq, bring them home, they don't seem to be doing anything useful by being their. To stop us being a target for terrorists, talk to those who they want to represent and find out what drives them. If they feel there is an injustice such as foreign troops in Saudi soil, then lets move them. This isn't giving in to terrorism, but removing causes of injustice.

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