Tuesday, 28 April 2015

WokyHustings At Methodist Church

#WokyHustings was much last discussed last night on Twitter, see the hashtag. 

It went very well, a good atmosphere, room packed full, well chaired and arranged by the Wokingham Methodist Church. 

Questions about house prices, cost of withdrawal from the EU, 3500 children in poverty, what's important in Wokingham and the deficit. 

It was filmed and will be on YouTube. It was live broadcast on periscope by jonnyvaughan https://www.periscope.tv/w/Vx_F6jkzOTQ0MHw3NTkwNTc1N1xcn43eF_PkeIusCWINTyhsFoV7_sgl6pptbFKRz5k=

Here is a list of questions, mostly in tweets. 

@wokinghamgreens: First question is on housing. @AdrianWindisch a radical change is needed. There are too many empty homes. Social homes needed #wokyhustings

Also second homes, empty offices that can be converted. The Green Party would build half a million social homes. 

Q2 cost of withdrawal from EU, some international companies built factories here to be within the EU, some may leave. Jobs will be lost. But we will still be able to trade. I want to stay in but improve it. 

Q3 What is Wokinghams most important issue

@WokinghamNews: #wokyhustings greens say biggest issue are the poor and those struggling to make ends meet.

 Others talked about traffic, so I said improve public transport to get people out of cars. 

Q4 Government spending more than income. I said this is normally the case, mentioned the difference between deficit (one years income vs spending) and debt (what we owe). Said coalition cut tax collectors so I would hire more to improve collection, especially from huge corporations that seem to pay nothing. 

@Hayles_Blakeman: Qu from @e_r0se from@Firstdays_ asking about what the candidates plan to do about the 3500 children living in poverty in woky. #wokyhustings

@Firstdays_: Both @WokinghamLabour and @wokinghamgreens highlighting real issue of hidden poverty in affluent Wokingham #wokyhustings

I said raise benefits cut by coalition. I wish I had also said raise min wage to living wage, many people struggling are in poorly paid jobs. Real jobs needed, not just low paid thirsty ones like self employed or zero hours. 

Q6 will you support the NHS 
@WokinghamNews: #wokyhustings greens would pay for free social care or elderly and dental to help the nhs

I praised the post WW2 Labour government that built the NHS in a time of huge debt, they did it then, we can do it now. 

@wokinghamgreens: NHS created in the context of end of WW2 and massive debt. Dream big people; these cuts are needless #wokyhustings http://t.co/XgteNQFzzi 

There was a 2 minute closing statement from everyone. I said it was a privilege to be there and urged everyone to vote. 

Met quite a few people after who were very supportive, I sounded the most human apparently. 

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