Sunday, 26 April 2015

Media Ownership And Leveson

Too much of the media is in too few hands. Backing Leveson is a start to getting the media to behave, but that may not be the end of it. 

The Green Party welcomed many aspects of the Leveson report, while expressing disappointment that there was little in it to practically address the concentration of ownership in the press.

 Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said the call from Lord Justice Leveson for a new independent self-regulatory body, with the majority of its board comprising non-industry representatives and no serving editors, was a step forward.

 "We would welcome the creation of independent oversight with majority civil society involvement.”

"But although there is the call for independent regulation here, the mechanism suggested is indirect, clunky and open to subversion, rather than the direct creation of an independent body along the lines of Ireland's Press Council. There's also no reference to union representation, which would provide an important expert, hands-on view within the new regulatory body."

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Regards Adrian Windisch
Green Candidate for Wokingham 

Dear Adrian Windisch, 

I'm concerned that media barons like Rupert Murdoch have too much power over our democracy. I want an MP who works for local voters, not newspaper owners.

Do you support tighter rules on media ownership? And will you commit to vote for legislation  to ensure that the Leveson Report is fully implemented if they continue to reject proper regulation?

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