Friday, 17 April 2015

Evidence And Statistics

 I am happy to agree with attending a statistics workshop if I am elected. As I have a MSc and BEng in Civil Engineering I expect I have more maths and statistics training than most other candidates. 

I think more MPs should come from Science and Engineering backgrounds, I hope you agree. 

Regards Adrian Windisch

Dear Adrian Windisch,

I want my MP to put evidence and statistics at the heart of policy debate. The decisions politicians make should be based on what really works, using robust and relevant data to inform the choices they make in important policy areas.

To ensure this is the case, MPs and other senior policymakers should be given basic training in data handling and statistics. This would provide the knowledge they need to make good decisions for the people they represent, and help avoid costly miscalculations.

After the General Election, the Royal Statistical Society will be running a series of short statistics workshops for MPs in Westminster. The aim is to ensure all MPs make the most of local and national statistics, which are part of the day-to-day work of parliamentarians. The workshops will be entry-level, giving MPs extra confidence when dealing with complex data, as well as pointing out the common mistakes people make when analysing statistics and chance.

Will you give me a commitment that, if you are elected as my local MP on 7 May, you will attend a short statistics workshop in Parliament?

Please do make this commitment to statistical awareness by agreeing to attend a statistics workshop if you are elected. I would be grateful if you could reply to let me know if you will commit to this. The Royal Statistical Society will be in touch with MPs after the election to arrange a suitable timeslot for the workshop.

Finally, please also take a few minutes to read the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Manifesto, which outlines 10 things the next government should do to help improve prosperity, democracy and policymaking. 

Royal Statistical Society's Data Manifesto

The next government should:

  1. Ensure evidence and official statistics are at the heart of policy debate
  2. Commit to greater data sharing between government departments for statistics and research purposes
  3. Champion basic training in data handling and statistics for politicians, policymakers and other professionals working in public services
  4. End the practice of pre-release access whereby some people in government see statistics before the public
  5. Give citizens greater access to quality local data
  6. Encourage companies to share data for research purposes for the public good
  7. Increase investment in research and innovation
  8. Progress more quickly on opening up government data
  9. Give the Office for National Statistics and the wider Government Statistical Service adequate resources
  10. Prepare for the data economy by skilling up the nation. 
Best wishes,

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