Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Mayfair Tax Loophole

I have signed the petition to close the Mayfair loophole. I would vote to close it if I become an MP. 

 The #mayfairloophole needs closing 
Petition … 
Adrian Windisch, Green Party candidate for Wokingham 

This was the email I responded to. 

Dear Rt Hon John Redwood,

The Mayfair loophole needs to be be closed - it’s unfair that private equity bosses are allowed to dodge up to £700m of tax a year because of a deal with the government.

Will you vote to close the Mayfair loophole - by voting for amendment 3 in today’s Finance Bill? It's being tabled by Caroline Lucas MP. If the vote happens, please explain to me how you voted.

I'm sending this email to the other MP candidates for this area, to find out how they'd vote if they had the chance.

Here’s the report into the loophole, for more information:

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