Saturday, 3 January 2015

Response to ukip Blog Attacking Greens

Response to blog "I Challenge Natalie Bennett to Disown Green Extremists Who Campaign Against Ukip" by Janice Atkinson 21/05/14 

So she wants to dictate who is in the Green Party and what they campaign on. Some democracy that would be.  

1. In the opening words Ukip getting in a tiz over is it Ms or Miss Bennett. Why not join the rest of society and just call her Natalie Bennett? 

2. Just like point 1. She calls herself a "chairman" though a woman. Does anyone care? She seems to think this is important. 

3. She says Romanians who qualify would be welcome but would need a visa. From 1/1/14 The law within the EU would disagree since they are now part of the free movement of people zone.  

4. She claims kipper policy would stop illegal actions such as trafficking, child prostitution and criminal gangs. But as they are already illegal, the current law can work. 

5. It's a British custom for children's surnames to match parents, though generally only when people are married. So if this is not the case for Romanians is it a problem? No, just the prejudice of the kippers showing. Again. 

6. She claims the head of the UKBA agreed with her that the point above was people trafficking. She is wrong here if they suspected a crime they would surely have acted on it. 

7. She claims that kippers don't want to privatise the NHS. Statements from ukip leaders contradict her. 

8. She blames the NHS difficulties on immigrants, forgetting that many Drs and nurses are immigrants. Much like Nigel and his immigrants blocked the M4. 

9. She claims wind power is a scam, that fossil fuel and nuclear is the answer. So every energy company that uses renewables in the world is part of a conspiracy? Time for a tin foil hat I think. 

10. She claims immigration is a top concern in the SE. Housing sure is, can't see any evidence for immigration. 

11. She claims climate change act has added £500 to fuel bills. No evidence of this, and fuel prices fluctuate. They have recently dropped. Doing nothing on climate change would lead to disaster, greens would prepare us for the future. Ukip sound like they want to return to an imaginary 1950s. 

12. She claims green policies lead to lights going off. The reverse is true, renewables lead to more energy security. As solar gets cheaper more people and businesses will make their own energy. 

13. She moans about being confronted by campaigners in a high street. She gained national fame by her rude gestures and telling them to "F off". Doing the anti ukip campaigners jobs for them. 

The blog then turned into a rant about Monty Python, the "Judean People's Front of Ashford". Maybe this is why ukips leaders have asked activists to stay away from the Internet. 

Her blog published here 


weggis said...

Why are you giving her air time?

Adrian Windisch said...

One of the campaigners she attacks commented on this post on fb "Hahaha! I'd forgotten about this article she wrote. I was one of the so called 'extremists' on this protest who dared to hold placards, had local people come shake our hands, and even danced a bit while joyfully sang along to music being played by a local church group having a community outreach display. My my, what a dangerous extremist I am.

Atkinson is genuinely the most unstable politician I ever met. She came up to us and asked us questions about why we were there and then burst into furious swearing and insults when she got bored of trying to convince us that her party wasn't fostering racism and xenophobia. Even made derogatory comments about one of our activist's weight.

A couple of months later she went on to call a thai lady a: "Ting Tong", and yet she is still a parliamentary candidate for a UKIP target seat."

I thought it worth responding as she does such a good job of demonstrating how rubbish ukip is. So yes let's bring her rants to more public attention.

In the other hand most of what I write about is what the Greens are doing, I prefer positive campaigning. Some peoe just seem to focus on why another party is bad,.