Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Question On Reversing The Privatisation Of The NHS

I was recently asked my opinion on reversing the privatisation of the NHS. Below are the question and answer. Dear Adrian Windisch, As a voter in your constituency, I am writing to ask - if you were to be elected at the next general election - whether you would be willing to support inclusion of a Bill in the first Queen’s Speech after the election that would reverse 25 years of marketisation in the National Health Service, abolish the purchaser-provider split, re-establish District Health Authorities and other public bodies and fully restore the NHS in England as an accountable public service. I urge you to do so. The key elements of such a Bill are set out in the proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill, which you can access here: http://www.nhsbill2015.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/NHS-Reinstatement-Bill-and-Notes.pdf The NHS is a global gold standard for healthcare and we should ensure that it remains that way. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Yours sincerely Dear ***** I agree completely. Greens are against privatising the NHS. We would even renationalise the railways. * Coalition's health policy leaves NHS in poor health * Nothing short of a publicly owned, publicly run NHS free at the point of service will do * Greens believe in positive alternatives to austerity "Our NHS has been damaged, and the staff had their lives disrupted, by continual change driven by the ideological commitment of recent governments to privatising the NHS and restructuring it to prepare for further privatisation." "This government has failed to provide the funds needed to keep up with the growing demand for healthcare with our ageing population, and to keep the staff decently paid." http://greenparty.org.uk/news/2014/10/01/green-party-we-must-stop-the-privatisation-of-our-nhs/ Regards adrian@windisch.co.uk And this was his response Thanks Adrian for the quick response and it's good to know that you and the party take the matter seriously. In terms of renationalising railways I think this is a fantastic idea, if only we could build further on that by looking at energy and banks also. If I can be honest I have never voted for the Greens before however after dissatisfaction with the current Government and the other alternatives on offer I am going to invest some time to find out more. Kind Regards,

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