Thursday, 8 August 2013

reading East Conservatives Sell Off Their Own Club

Amid rumours of poor management and spiralling debts the Caversham Conservatives have sold off their club. 

It may have something to do with the defection of two Tory Cllrs in Mark Ralph and Jamie Chowdhary last year.

"Cllr Ralph was highly critical of Reading East Conservative Association and Reading East MP, Rob Wilson over the deselection of Cllr Chowdhary as the Conservative candidate for Peppard Ward in the 2012 elections. " 

Some headlines at the time: 

Reading Post: 
Reading Tories dump Councillor Jamie Chowdhary
The dirty business of politics 
Reading East Tories vote to axe another councillor
Andrew Cumpsty steps down as Conservative leader
East Reading Tory spared the axe

Reading Chronicle: 
Councillor axed in Tory power struggle
Tory in-fighting threatens Ralph
'Blogger off', gossip is ordered
Nominations secrecy for Tory leader vote
Move to axe popular councillor is put on hold 
Reading Tory leader quits
Tory squabble continues as opposition leader quits


Anonymous said...

This story is a bit like doing a google search for "Green Company goes bankrupt" and drawing the conclusion the Green Party is going bankrupt. They must be owned by the Green Party as they are green companies - it's further backed up by some of them even having Green in the title which must confirm it even more. Also there are 112,000,000 results for that Google search - why has nobody covered this massive story before, I must have an exclusive. I can further find out the reasons why the Green Party might be going bust by googling "Green councillor suspended" as the two must be connected.

Or to put it another way this story is 1 + 1 = 13479234675165714

Anonymous said...

Yep. What the previous commentator said.

Reading East Conservative Association has nothing to do with the Caversham Conservative Club. They are separate.

Perhaps you could amend your title to "Caversham Conservative Club closes" which is accurate, instead of "reading East Conservatives Sell Off Their Own Club" which is not (and has far too many capital letters as well).

howard thomas said...

Yep.............still fighting like rats in a sack!

Adrian Windisch said...

There is evidence of a problem within Reading East Consrvatives, and most of the Tories in Rdg E live in Caversham. Anon may be a Tory in denial. Only A few in Newtown, Woodley and Earley.

Read what the Ind Cllrs have to say on the subject, most interesting.

Anonymous said...

You've hit it on the head. The club had closed because of a dramatic decline in Tory support especially after the way they treated their better Councillors: Ralph and Chowdhary.
For me, the Tory decline in the town is s good thing since they've hot very little to show for their time in the town. Sadly, we'll have to put up with Labour for many years to come. The site makes interesting reading!

Alex TW. Caversham