Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mandatory Work Placement #workfare #slavery

Jobseekers can be sent to work for nothing for 4 weeks or face loosing benefits for 3 months! 

But the language the government are using tries to make it sound this form of modern slavery is for the benefit o the victim (customer in tory speak). 

"If Jobcentre Plus advisers believe a jobseeker would benefit from getting some experience of the work environment they can now refer them onto a work activity placement. These placements are all about getting people into a working routine if they need an additional push to get into employment.

This is beneficial to some jobseekers as it will allow them to develop more of a ‘work orientated mindset’ but it also makes them a much more appealing prospect for an employer looking to fill a vacancy, and more confident when they enter the workplace. We are determined to break the habit of worklessness and get those who can work into jobs.
Customers who fail to complete a placement without good cause will lose their Jobseeker’s Allowance for a minimum of 3 months."

"The Department for Work and Pensions saye the schemes are aimed at getting unemployed people back to work, are rarely (if ever) compulsory. Critics have dubbed the programmes as "Workfare", likening them to unpaid labour, or forcing people to work for their benefits.

Several very different schemes with very different rules are often grouped together under the "Workfare" label, leading to confusion among detractors and defenders of the schemes alike.

It is clear some schemes have a clear degree of compulsion, while others merely sanction people who voluntarily join a programme, but then drop out early."

"The first document also contains the unfortunate "work for your benefit" reference, which it seems is responsible for suggestions (angrily denied by ministers) that the scheme involves people working in order to "earn" their unemployment benefits - a situation which would be tricky under EU and UK law."

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