Friday, 21 June 2013

Owen Patterson as Environment Minister is a joke

He supports GMO, fracking & anti wind farms. Greenest govt ever? Never. 

He praised America and its “can do culture” for taking full advantage of its shale gas deposits.

The MP for North Shropshire is also pro-foxhunting, against Europe, against gay marriage. 

Mr Paterson completed the Mongol Derby, following in the footsteps of Genghis Khan across Mongolia. Oh the irony. 

On regulating chemicals harmful to bees; "Bee keepers, gardeners and concerned local voters pointed out reason upon reason why he should reconsider his position and support the vote to stop these pesticides.  We pointed out that even his fellow MPs in the Environment Audit Committee are saying he must end his department’s “extraordinary complacency”. "

"But behind the rosy statistics another, bumpier, picture emerges of GM's progress. Billions of dollars of public and private money has been spent on research and development, lobbying and the acquisition of seed companies, yet only 17.3m out of a total 513m (3.4%) farmers have ever actually planted GM crops, and most of these have been growing cotton rather than food. Only 28 countries grow the crops, and in the US, where the technology is far and away the most adopted, GM has clearly failed to eradicate hunger and poverty."

"TV wildlife expert Bill Oddie launched a foul-mouthed attack on Tory Environment Secretary Owen Paterson over his support for culling badgers and fox hunting.

Former Springwatch frontman Bill claimed that British wildlife is “not safe” while Mr Paterson remains in charge of Government policy."

In a long article on his website, Brian May said: “Owen Paterson is not the sharpest tool in the box.

“Within days of reaffirming his commitment to a policy of massacring thousands of mostly healthy badgers this summer, he now, with exquisite timing, reaffirms his commitment to bringing back blood sports.

“There is not a single expert outside the Government-controlled DEFRA offices who believes that culling badgers can play any meaningful part in the eradication of bovine TB in British cattle. 

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