Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vote Green Today

1. Vote for a party that looks to the future, that plans for the long term.
2. Vote for a party that seeks wellbeing for all, that puts compassion and caring at the very heart of its philosophy.
3. Vote for a party that is dedicated to evidence-based policy, that isn't tied to the tired old ideologies of left and right; a party that wants to find practical solutions to benefit the whole of society not just the lucky few.
4. Vote for a party that realises we have to work within the limits of the natural world, that we can't go on consuming everything today and leave nothing for future generations.
5. Vote for a party that wants to build strong, fair, vibrant and resilient local communities; that sees democratic participation as fundamental to a sustainable future.

There are many other reasons for voting Green and everybody who is thinking about voting Green tomorrow will have their own reasons. It might be specific policies like 20mph in your local residential roads or it might be disgust at the way some of the other parties behave but, whatever the reason, please get out there and vote.

Please share this simple message.

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