Monday, 29 April 2013

Arnie Graf email

I seem to have been put onto a Labour supporters email list. I tried replying that I wasn't interested but that got a response saying they didn't read emails. Really convincing that they are listening.

Anyway here is an email from an American that they paid. Apparently he once met Obama. Wow. So impressed.

He is right about about one thing, "you'll be the people who turn this country around" but I don't think he meant that the Greens will replace Labour as the opposition. You never know.

Does he know that the local Labour Party are selling off Readings historic Kings Meadow Baths ?


I’ve been a community organiser in the USA for more than 50 years. I've worked on living wage campaigns and for the Civil Rights movement. So, I’ve met my fair share of politicians

But I never wanted to work for a political party. I just didn't rate them because it wasn't how I went about getting change.

But then I met Ed Miliband.

This is a time when so many people, maybe you included, are sceptical about politics.

But do one thing for me - watch this video, I think it might surprise you:

This is the Ed Miliband I’ve come to know.

He knows that politics is far too important just to be left to politicians. He knows that Britain needs to change.

He knows that you'll be the people who turn this country around. That's why he needs you with him, not just in the local elections this week, or in the general election in 2015, but as he works to change the country.

Ed knows how Britain has got through tough times before: when everyone stands up and works together.

I think you share with Ed a belief that Britain is stronger, fairer and more successful when it comes together as One Nation. If I'm right, there's work we need to do to make it happen.

Start by watching this video and sharing it with your friends:

Thank you for being part of this,



Stewart Cowan said...


I received one too. I'm sure our politics probably differ substantially (I care about the environment, but consider most of the "Green" movement to be a politically-motivated fraud).

I received a similar email from the Labour (obviously) leader of Notttingham Council last week. I found his email address and replied as follows.

Dear Cllr Rhodes,

Re. your email from

You are obviously not aware that my own Labour MP (Russell Brown) refuses to answer my emails and has unfriended me on Facebook. You are also unaware that I ran this website for a year ( and I now hammer the LibLabCon Party on this blog ( and many other places. Take a look at my most recent post about one of your arrogant MPs, Tom Harris. You will also be unaware that I have joined this growing group ( to have Tony Blair, David Cameron and others arrested and tried for treason.

The main parties are all controlled by the same globalist entities. That's why "change" is always for the worse, no matter which of them is elected.

Their only game is impoverishing the country through adhering to global legislation (and how many extra old people will die in future winters as a result of Labour's Climate Change Act 2008?) and destroying our identity by way of ideological subversion.

I will fight the evil people that control the main parties until my dying day.

Yours sincerely,

Stewart Cowan

I have not received a reply!

Adrian Windisch said...

I got the same email from Notts, quite odd. Presumably you like me once clicked on something and our emails have been harvested

Clearly I don't agree with you on climate change, but sympathise with your response to the main parties. It's frustrating.

Even Labour candidates and activists are frustrated with these emails, see