Saturday, 16 February 2013

Why Not 100% Renewable Energy

While some in Britain are making careers out of saying renewables dont work, Denmark plans to get 50% of its energy just from wind.

They aim to supply 100% renewables by 2050! Leaving us far behing where we could be leading the way.

Elsewhere in Europe, "The village Feildheim, near Berlin, gets all its energy from 43 wind turbines dotting the fields around it and a biogas plant that turns farmyard manure into gas-powered electricity."

"Sweden had the highest share of renewable energy in total consumption at 47.9% in 2010. Latvia, Finland and Austria all recorded results of over 30%. Malta, Luxembourg, the UK and the Netherlands lagged behind with the lowest shares in 2010"

We should join C.A.T. In their plan for a



I can only assume the the people of Demark and Berlin do not share the same nimby characteristics of us Brits or their planning people don't take as much notice as ours.

Where the wind blows live the rich influential folk and they really don't like their views spoilt by horrible green wind turbines.

Jonathan said...

As I understand it, Denmark has roughly the same amount of wind as the UK and Ireland - around 1/3 of the total wind available in Europe.

It has a population of 5.5m, whereas the UK and Ireland have a combined population of 68m.

That could explain why Denmark is able to get a much higher proportion of its total electricity requirements from wind. What we need to look at is megawatts rather than percentages.

Some people seem to think that if you can't power everything 100% by wind 100% of the time, then wind power is no use. I don't agree with that, even if it contributes only a small proportion of the total, it is still worth having.