Thursday, 24 January 2013

Broken Promises Battle Medical Centre from Lab/Tory/LD

Over seven years ago West Reading residents were promised a new health centre when Battle Hospital was demolished. Tesco and many houses have been built on the site since 2005 but no sign of the health centre 8 years on.

Tory Cllr Isobel Ballsdon tweeted about a funny typo from Lab Cllr Sarah Hacker in a leaflet

The Lab leaflet says the planned health centre is cancelled due to coalition cuts. The Tory Cllr doesnt even mention the centre, its clearly not important to her. The coalition promised to ring fence health spending but we have seen cuts in nurses midwives and a wasteful top down reorganisation.

The centre being cancelled was announced in dec 2011 so not exactly current news.

Cllr Hacker also blogged about it then

Last week the Tory MP launched a petition for the "money previously earmarked for a new medical centre in the West Village development, on expanding GP services and improving local healthcare facilities."

The the petition can be completed online at, reads:
“We the undersigned call upon Reading Borough Council to honour its previous commitment to spend without delay the approximately £ 1.5 million it is receiving in Section 106 monies from David Wilson Homes, in respect of the West Village development, on improving local healthcare facilities including funding the expansion of local GP surgeries.”

Because the petition is on his own website it doesnt reveal the number of signatures. Cynical people may think its merely to harvest conact information from concerned citizens.

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Adrian Windisch said...

Plenty of comments on fb and twitter
Some below

@artbyailbhe: . @AdrianWindisch You really aren't in a position to criticise Labour's typos! But absolutely right about the HOSPITAL. @CllrSarahHacker

@AdrianWindisch: @artbyailbhe @cllrsarahhacker lol indeed i m typo champion. Lab promise it nothing for 8 years now blame tories #fail

@CllrSarahHacker: @AdrianWindisch to be fair, the health centre was scrapped because NHS cuts meants to PCT couldn't afford to fill it. Who's making the cuts?

@AdrianWindisch: @CllrSarahHacker you had till '10 under lab, still nothing. Plenty of time to build a hopital let alone health centre.

@CllrSarahHacker: @AdrianWindisch the money to build it was only triggered after a certain number of houses sold. This has just happened end of last year!

@CllrSarahHacker: @AdrianWindisch it couldn't be built any sooner, as per the agreement so no blame there. In fact, money released sooner than expected!

@CllrSarahHacker: @AdrianWindisch we could have been waiting another year or so. The money will now be paid and used for community benefit.

@AdrianWindisch: @CllrSarahHacker lab cuts would have been similar unfortunately. To be fair probably not hit the poor so hard. Greens would have cut trident

@CllrSarahHacker: @AdrianWindisch well, we have to deal with what we have. I hope residents engage in the consultation & have some good ideas.