Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tory Fairness Forever Autumn

The Tories have been redefining fairness. You might think such a word was straighforward. In times of austerity with cuts to services the wealthy should have most of the burden. Not with the Tories though, the rich get richer. Because more equal societies work better for everyone.

Even the LD planned mansion tax is out. Labours bankers bonus tax never had a chance.

The Greens have always said we would increase taxes for the very wealthy. Even council tax favours the top 1% who dont pay their share, the rest of us subsidise them. They are the real scroungers, especially those who get out of paing tax with offshore schemes or lile the MPs expence shambles.

So after years of frozen benefits we are to get a rise of 1%, below inflation. So a real terms cut. Many workers have had similarly low increases of even a reduction in pay.

As for the "greenest government ever" boast just read Caroline Lucas in Parliamnt on the
dash for gas. "...there is plenty of bad news about the dash for gas. Not only will it bust our climate targets, but it simply is not cheap. Deutsche Bank, the CBI and the International Energy Agency all say that gas prices will rise. This is the Government who say that they like to make evidence-based policy, so why will the Chancellor not look at the evidence in this instance?"

Just read the NEF take on the autump statement.


Ed said...

Interesting to read your point of view on this.

I'm not certain how you square this view with this graph, however:

All the best,


Adrian Windisch said...

As i recall the "tax payers alliance" is actually wealthy tories campaigning for low tax rated. Apparently one pays no uk tax at all

So forgive me if I dont trust them.
I tried to read that graph on my phone but could make no sence of it.

Adrian Windisch said...

George Osborne denied that the poor were bearing the brunt of austerity as he defended his mini-budget today." From todays indy

howard thomas said...

Do you actually read the Taxpayers Alliance stuff Adrian? You should do. You might find yourself in agreement with more than you think when it comes to councils and government not wasting money.

Council Tax...........Surely you can see that the council tax burden falls most heavily on those that have the least income, simply because it is based on the value of the property that anyone lives in. Taxation should be based on the ability to pay. What is the point of sending tax bills to people that don't have the money to pay and then allowing those same people council tax benefit for all or part of the bill. Thats absurd and a waste of taxpayers money to administer the system. The cost of administering the council tax and benefits system in Reading is circa £3million annually.