Sunday, 11 November 2012

Why Do Tories Hate The BBC

As the DG steps down, Tories are gleefully using the current crisis as an excuse for a top down reorganisation. Just like the shambles they are making with the NHS, police, army, schools ...

But why fo they hate the Beeb so much. Because its state funded they reckon it needs privatising. Its also convenient to claim bbc as "left wing bias" when they attack Tories

As I wrote a fee weeks ago:

Why Thatcher hated the BBC:
"Newsnight's reporting of the Falklands war,
a 1983 Nationwide general-election special with Thatcher and the coverage of the 1984-85 miners' strike.
Two particular incidents stand out. Soon after Thatcher's declaration that terrorists should be starved of the "oxygen of publicity", the BBC's Real Lives documentary series interviewed a senior Republican paramilitary for an episode titled At the Edge of the Union. The then home secretary, Leon Brittan, said transmission would be "against the national interest" and, to the fury of BBC staff, the corporation's governors ruled it should not go out."

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