Friday, 26 October 2012

Why Are The Tories Mostly Attacling The BBC Over Savile

My Local MP Rob Wilson seems to do little else these days but bash the beeb with Savile. I wonder if there is a particular reason for this.

Did you know Savile spent 11 New Year Eves with Mrs Thatcher and family at Chequers?

To get access to Brodmoor – never mind live there– might require authorisation from the top. Did Thatcher give Savile access to Broadmoor? This government wants us to forget this and focus on the BBC instead.

Incidentally as to why Thatcher hated the BBC:
"Newsnight's reporting of the Falklands war,
a 1983 Nationwide general-election special with Thatcher and the coverage of the 1984-85 miners' strike.
Two particular incidents stand out. Soon after Thatcher's declaration that terrorists should be starved of the "oxygen of publicity", the BBC's Real Lives documentary series interviewed a senior Republican paramilitary for an episode titled At the Edge of the Union. The then home secretary, Leon Brittan, said transmission would be "against the national interest" and, to the fury of BBC staff, the corporation's governors ruled it should not go out."

Meanwhile according to Edwina Curie Sir Peter Morrison, tory MP and PPS to Thatcher, had sex with underage boys. He received a police caution for cottaging. Morrison is now dead and Edwina Currie has revealed she knew all about it . But said nothing at the time. Not very impressive.

Meanwhile Ukip would like to dig up the remains of the late Jimmy for some political point scoring. A return to medieval times perhaps. Im paraphrasing, Nutall said something like this on bbcqt.


howard thomas said...

The most amazing thing about this whole Savile (and co) saga is that it went on for so long and nobody acted on complaints when they were made. BBC, hospitals, schools all seem to have been complicit in keeping the rumours under wraps. It would be interesting in the 'who knew what and when' picture as to how many top brass at the BBC let their children go to vist Savile in his dressing room.
This whole thing will go on for years I expect.

Adrian Windisch said...

I expect something else will pop up before long. Normally happens

Are you not curious about Thatchers role in this? I doubt our MPs will be calling for an enquiry into this for some reason.