Friday, 19 October 2012

PCC Thames Valley Candidates updated

Pcc elections are coming up but official candidate information is not available till the 26 th oct, though the election is in mid November. A couple of independent candidates have already dropped out.

Thames Valley Police region includes Berks, Oxfordshie and Buckinghamshire. The won't be a Green candidate, we think having this election is a poor idea. Waste of money and a distraction during the current crisis.


-Professor John Howson, in Education, Magistrate and member of the Magistrates' Association is the Liberal Democrat Candidate.

-Brigadier Anthony Stansfeld, former Chief of Staff Intelligence in the Far East. Conservative

- @TimLabour Barrister Tim Starkey Labour an ex LD who lives in Chalfont St Giles

@waddesdonbaz ukip Barry Cooper born Zimbabwe but he still calls it Rhodesia.

- Independent. A project manager Patience Tayo Awe, a trustee with Reading Volunteer Action

Only found two on twitter and neither have used the designated hashtag yet.

The hashtag #MyPCC is being promoted off the back of graphic adverts depicting drug dealers and abusive yobs. A spokesman for the Home Office said it was the first time a government department had promoted the use of a hashtag to create debate.

Mr Stansfeld said: “I will not be political whatsoever when I get in. Whenever you are dealing with huge sums of money that is always going to be a political issue.” LOL.

Ms Tayo Awe claimed people had become “disillusioned by politicians”.
A little bit late in the day but you can see what one independant says here
( update2 @PatienceAwe , )

Update, found some twitter accounts,
Ukip @BarryCooper15:
Lab @TimLabour
Tory @StansfeldPCC

Barry using #MyPCC on this other account, Tony is using #PCC. #omnishambles

At the last minute a New independent candidate has declared for Thames Valley - Geoff Howard, a Slough Borough councillor for 13 years, now estate agent. He has been Lab, Tory and Ukip before becomming Independent!

And Independent candidate Gurcham Singh no longer seems to be standing.


Barry Cooper said...

To be strictly accurate, I said I was born in Rhodesia and do not insist on calling Zimbabwe Rhodesia. My twitter account for the campaign is @BarryCooper15.

Adrian Windisch said...

A little bit late in the day but you can see what one independant says here
@PatienceAwe ,