Thursday, 6 September 2012

Guest post "Give As You Live"

When I meet new people and talk to them about Give as you Live, they always ask me the same two questions:

1) How did we come up with the idea to raise money just by shopping online?
2) And why did we call it Give as you Live?

It's simple really. We kept hearing that charities were struggling to raise the money they needed. So we wanted to create a way for everyone to give more to charity – regardless of how much money you have or what cause inspires you.

The reason we called it Give as you Live is because we want people like you to be able give to charity just by living your life. Without putting your hand deeper into your pocket.

The great news is that with Give as you Live people are raising £50 per year for their charity. And you can do the same for The Sunseed Trust.

Adrian, we need 50,000 people to get involved in our campaign to raise £5million. Since just last week, 925 people have joined Give as you Live and are on the way to raising their £50.

Please download Give as you Live and join us.

If you're viewing this email on a mobile or tablet you won't be able to download Give as you Live right now, but you can still shop online through our store.

I've answered two questions I get asked all the time, but if you have more please don't hesitate to email me back and ask your questions.


Polly Gowers, OBE
CEO and Founder

PS: Loving the Paralympics as much as I am? If you want to help support ParalympicsGB athletes and give 2.5% of the sale price to your charity while you're at it, head down to the London 2012 Shop. Thanks!

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