Saturday, 8 September 2012

Green Party Conference

#gpconf has had some great coverage, kick started by the election of Natalie Bennet as leader. This time we started the conference season the week paliament comes back from te summer hols and this seems to have helped get some media attention

Below some tweets from conference:

Green Leader Speech
@blogminster: Natalie Bennett’s First Speech in Full -- Party News (Greens)

@natalieben: RT @highburyonfoot RT @ChrisMasonBBC: Signing off from the #gpconf: my article for @BBCNews @BBCPolitics: > good stuff

Deputy leader speech
@patrickharvie: I've never heard @WillDuckworthGP speak before, but I'm very impressed. Passionate, funny, angry & likeable all at the same time. #gpconf

@TheGreenParty: Brighton & Hove Green council leader Jason Kitcat talks about success at the Green Party conference #gpconf


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howard thomas said...

Surely the Green party should have a recycled leader rather than a new one!