Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Benefits Not An Option

Reading East Tory MP Rob Wilson says "being on benefits is not an option! What planet is he on?

He said "The mandatory work activity scheme is important in sending out a signal that sitting around on benefits is not an option under this government"


He perhaps hasn't noticed that for every job there are many applicants, and there are few enough jobs.

From his ivory tower the unemployed may look like layabouts, but many are stuck there unwilling. Caught in a trap.

We are in a recession, buisnesses are struggling to get loans, growth is near enough zero.

Try talking to a few of these people Rob, its not their fault the Tories are messing up the economy. But The Tories helped when it was Labours turn to mess it up the econmy, they praised Brown when he was chancellor. They want you to forget this now, they pretend its all Browns fault. Regulations were put in to prevent depressions were steadily removed by Tory and Labour governments. Whetes the appology for this mess?

Greens would invest in jobs, many in a low carbon economy. Insulate everu house, get people working and cut residents fuel bills. Simples.


howard thomas said...

There are plenty of lazy and idle people who are milking the system Adrian. I know some of them and they have no intention of getting a job( or to be fair it may well be that they can't afford to work because they would be worse off).
I don't see any problem with the unemployed being given work to do in whatever form it comes. There are many jobs that could be done for which money will never be available.
Look at it this way, an unemployed person is paid a 'wage' by the state. Therefore they work for the state! After perhaps 6 months on the dole they might as well be given 'work' in order to maintain those benefits. If its a crap job then no worry, at least its keeping them in food and housing etc. This just might spur some of those who won't work into doing so.
This work needs to be full time with 'holidays' as in a proper job and time off for attending interviews / courses etc. (and doctor's note required if ill)
You are too kind Adrian to those who take the mick out of the system, and there are many!
And I didn't even mention that with less people job hunting jobs would be easier to come by!

Adrian Windisch said...

I think you missed my point Howard. Many unemployed are looking for jobs, but there is not much out there. Some are indeed caught in a poverty trap

Your solution would mean even less jobs, as all unemployed would have to be given something to do (for no extra money, despite expenses).

howard thomas said...

My solution would go a long way to stopping the 'signing on and working' culture, and yes I know of some that do that. It is quite absurd that working is not worth the effort for far too many people. Those that think its a good plan should at least have to 'work' for their benefits.....why not?
While I appreciate that there are parts of the country where jobs simply don't exist, there are others, Reading being one, where jobs do exist although I do know that its not necessarily easy to get one for some folk. Employers tend to be more picky when they have a choice and who can blame them.