Monday, 13 August 2012

Help the Masaai keep their land.

I was in Tanzania in '99 helping volunteers from around the world an local people build a school. I visited the Masaai after and was very impressed. So it is with sadness to hear their land is about ti be sold off! Please sign a petition from Avaaz.

"I am concerned to hear that up to 48,000 Maasai might be forced off their land to make way for hunting royals in Loliondo.

Call on President Kikwete to champion the Maasai and stop any attempt to change their land rights against their will."

I've just signed this important petition at to help prevent an ancient African tribe from losing their land to corporate big game hunters.

Join me in this campaign here:

For More Information:

The Guardian: “Tourism is a curse to us”

News Internationalist Magazine: “Hunted down”

Society for Threatened People: Briefing on the eviction of the Loliondo Maasai

FEMACT: Report by 16 human rights investigators & media on violence in Loliondo

Voices of Loliondo: Short film from Loliondo on impact of eviction on Maasai

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