Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Trident Questions

Caroline Lucas MP asked a question that needs an answer in Parliament on the Nuclear-powered Submarines debate (18 Jun 2012)
Caroline Lucas:
"Will the Secretary of State give us a figure for how
much it will cost to negotiate our way out of these contracts if the
Commons votes against replacing Trident? Will he explain why the
taxpayer is paying for the upgrading of the Rolls-Royce plant given that
it is a private company that saw its profits soar by 21% last year?
Surely that shows that this is not a commercial project."

Needless to say it wasn't answered. This Government is sneaking us into replacing Trident by the back door. In a time when vital services are being cut lets stop paying for this useless but dangerous weapon. The cold war is long gone, todays enemies are a bit different. We cant even afford decent conventional weapons, soldiers buy some of there own kit while there housing is poor.

Meanwhile climate change is the elephant in the room. Despite many promises nothing is done.

Time for a change.

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