Monday, 25 June 2012

Tax Dodge Petition

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Did you see that a public outcry has forced comedian Jimmy Carr to apologise for using a tax-dodging scheme?

David Cameron was quick to label him “morally wrong”. But instead of lecturing celebrities on ethics, shouldn’t the Prime Minister be fixing our broken tax system?

I just signed a petition to David Cameron calling for a stronger tax dodging law. If 100,000 of us add our names in the next 48 hours we'll publish a massive ad in a national newspaper telling David Cameron it's time to fix our broken system.

Can you add your name too? Just click here to sign the petition:




howard thomas said...

The most sensible thing I heard recently, and from Ken Clarke of all people who rarely says anything sensible, was that the government were looking at 'anti-avoidance' legislation that would prevent all these tax avoidance schemes. The thoery would be that if a scheme was set up with the obvious intantion of avoiding tax, then it could and would be invalid no matter if it was technically legal.
Jimmy Carr is/was just one of 1000 in this 'K2' scheme. I wonder who the other 999 are!

Adrian Windisch said...

With you there Howard