Saturday, 30 June 2012

Petition to withdraw Barclays' Banking Licence

Within a capitalist economy banks perform a vital function in facilitating the production and exchange of goods and services. In return for fulfilling this role responsibly they are allowed to hold a banking licences, which brings them great benefits in terms of the ability to create money through making loans. The systematic manipulation of the LIBOR value to serve its business interests makes clear that Barclays is not a fit company to hold a banking licence. We call upon the government to withdraw Barclays banking licence.

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Created by:Molly Scott Cato


howard thomas said...

The problem here is that 20 other banks are under investigation. No doubt they are all likely to have been involved in dodgy dealings. Withdrawing licences might result in no bamks!
Its not going to happen

Adrian Windisch said...

That attitude is why we are in this mess, dont upset the apple cart or scare the horses. Some banks are ethical and is time they were rewarded.

howard thomas said...

Which ones would they be? You've got 20 to avoid!
It still isn't going to happen though

Adrian Windisch said...

That woyld be my point. Wait and see.