Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cameron #CarrTax

Cameron singles out a comedian over his tax but hopes we forget his own.

The millionaire doner who did much to back Cameron Lord Ashcroft had a dodgy background.

Cameron chose Philip Green as an adviser despite his dodgy tax affairs.

But most importantly Camerons own family fortune seems to be based on tax avoidance.


Close the loopholes not just have a go at those who get caught.

Time for a change

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howard thomas said...

There is supposed to be a Youtube clip of DC making a speech before the last election to a gathering of bankers where he says that his grandfather and father were bankers and that he would always look after bankers. I haven't looked for this , but if true it would be most interesting!
As for Ashcroft and Green, I fear they are just 2 of many. It will be interesting to see how far this taxation subject lasts. After all we are all in this together!