Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wat er Petition from Care2

What a rainy week. But one week of rain does not make up for a dry winter or the lack of investment of water companies.

One reason that parts of England are suffering from the worst drought in 4 decades is climate change causing changes in rainfall patterns. But that's not the only reason--corporate greed and inefficiency is also a cause.

This negligence and misapplication of resources must not continue.

The private companies in charge of the water supply do not prioritise either preparation or efficiency. Profit comes first, providing a secure water supply a far second. For example, Thames Water lost hundreds of millions of litres of water a day in 2009/2010 because of unfixed leaks.

It isn't the companies who pay the price for this lax approach; it is British farmers, the public and our environment.

Water companies clearly can't be relied upon to regulate themselves. Tell the UK government to take action to safeguard one of the most basic human needs.

Stand Up to Put a Stop to the UK Droughts.

Take action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/AGlDg/zmTN/DOEN

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howard thomas said...

I remember a newspaper headline in 1976 that said "Is Britain becoming a dustbowl?".
No it wasn't then and no it isn't now. These dry periods happen now and again. Its called nature and not global warming !
However the ownership and profiteering of the water companies is quite another thing. When Thames Water Authority was bought by Kemble Water it was saddled with massive debts which need to be paid for from the profits of TWA. Those profits clearly come from the prices that we pay for the water. Therefore it is quite clear that our water charges are higher than they ought to be. It would have been a much better idea for the government to have bought TWA and when the debt was paid off the pubic would once again own the water company. As it stands at the moment the public are effectively buying TWA on behalf of Kemble Water. Not a good idea!