Sunday, 8 April 2012

Local Election Bulmershe and Whitegates

This week I have had election literature from both the Tories and the LD. Both were big glossy leaflets indicating that plenty of money is sloshing around. We dont get dodgy millionaires giving us cash for "favours".

The Tory leaflet says very little. It leads with council investment in a local shool, thats our money chaps not yours. Then implies that the candidate does loys of community and charity work but doesnt say much about it. All the talk of supprting the elderly and young is quite a contrast to the cuts imposed by the government.

Despite propping up the Tories in government the local LD call the local Tories hypocrites and parrots, good teamwork people. But what annoys me is their assertion that only the two of them could possibly win. So much for the voter deciding.

Funnily enough I agree with some of the content of the LD leaflet, though i dont trust them to do anything about it. They support public toilets, while the Tories close then down. Then complaining about the mess the Tories made with the blue bags rubbish collection. Many residents were given the wrong size bags, others have not been informed what to do.

Surely a decent opposition would have done something about all this before, not left it for the election to pretend to be interested all if a sudden.

I am standing again in Bulmershe and Whitegates and Will provide real opposition to the ruling parties.



I don't think you can blame the Lib Dems for the sack cock up - what would the Greens have done re the domestic waste collection strategy?

There are too many Tories in Wokingham Borough Council which goes against democracy - I wish you well for no other reason than to thin out the elitist incumbents.

Adrian Windisch said...

Cheers Gideon. I can recall many very effective opositions in the past that changed things. Unfortunately the LD promise different things to different audiences and so change nothing.