Friday, 13 April 2012

Fine That Lost Supermarket Trolley

What a victory for Green Party campaigners. We have been campaigning on this for years, see this picture from the local paper in Nov 2006.
It was great pulling that old trolley from the river 6 years ago, we took it round to the tesco entrance, dripping muddy water everywhere. They didnt look all that pleased to see it for some reason, unfortunately the cameraman said he wasnt alowed to take a picture of it as it was private property.

Reading council is to start fining supermarkets £15 for every dumped shopping trolley it recovers. Lets hope this will see some action, less pollution in the river.

The Newtown area, where trolleys have been found on the pavement, in the road and in rivers, is one location being targeted by the council.

The new charges are likely to come into force from July.

Councillor Rob White said: "Since fining trolley owners was raised a little while ago the situation has improved.

"I hope introducing this measure will be the final nail in the coffin for this blight."

Under the plans, the council would charge £15 for removal, £7.50 a week for storage, £15 for returns and £50 to dispose of a trolley.

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weggis said...

I've not seen a supermarket trolley in the local river for ages .... maybe something to do with the high price of metal these days?