Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bring Home The Troops

How many more of our brave troops need to die in this endless, pointless war? Its been going for over 10 years, thats longer than WW1 and WW2 put together.

The UK death toll is said to be 408. For the families every loss in a tradjedy. And every wound has consequences, but this is rarely mentioned.

According to wilipedia "As of April 8, 2012, the British forces have suffered 408 fatalities and 1,875 wounded in action, another 3,759 have suffered from disease or non-battle injuries".

Caroline Lucas Green MP asked os Parliament if it was time for the war to end.

Caroline Lucas (Brighton, Pavilion, Green)
The tragic events of Sunday afternoon in Kabul are yet more evidence that the idea of a transition to Afghan national forces is an objective that has been construed independently of any real long-term political solution—aid militarised, corruption endemic. Does the Foreign Secretary therefore accept that we should bring our brave troops home now, rather than waiting until yet more lives have been lost?

William Hague (Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs; Richmond (Yorks), Conservative)
No; one of the things we saw from the incident on Sunday was the increasing ability of Afghan security forces to deal with a major incident on their own. It was the Afghan forces that killed or captured all the insurgents concerned. Of course, they need time for that capability to be built up further, and we are giving them that time by having our troops engaged in Afghanistan—including in combat—up to the end of 2014. If we did not do that, those forces would not be ready for the full task, and we would be letting down the people of Afghanistan and the people who have done so much work over the last decade.

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