Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wokingham Rubbish ; guest post EASI

From Early Adopt A Street Initiative (EASI)

1) The great blue-bag saga: as you may have heard, some of the bags issued by WBC are not so great, in fact they are undersized. The offending rolls are wrapped in a WHITE band (as opposed to brown). If that's what you received, you may phone Veolia on 0203 567 2790 and they will arrange to exchange them. If your rubbish output is not too high, you might of course be quite happy with these slightly smaller bags.

2) Wednesday is R-Day: from next week, rubbish-collection day will be Wednesday, for everyone in Earley (I believe). One lorry will take the bags as well as emptying the black boxes every week. No plastics of any sort in the boxes except bottles (and no bottle caps either), please! Only experience will tell you what time the lorry will turn up, and whether to put everything out overnight -- if you do, please protect the bags somehow (from cats/birds etc) perhaps using your old green garden bags?

3) EASI Collected litter: if you will have enough blue bags to spare through the year, put litter out in these, otherwise phone WBC on 974 6000 and ask for a delivery of special Adopt-a-Street green plastic bags for the purpose (though they may take some weeks to arrive -- and might turn out to be blue bags instead!). Feel free also to deposit collected litter in council litter-bins, as long as you don't nearly fill them.

4) Music news: may I draw your attention to a concert I am in on Saturday also, 7.30 in the Church of our Lady of Peace (Three Tuns crossroads on Wokingham Rd) -- Thames Voyces is singing music by Bach, Tallis, Bruckner, Rachmaninov and several other composers (ie, there should be something for anyone with a musical ear!).

5) More music news: forgive me for mentioning (if you didn't know already) that I am in the middle of a Beethoven Marathon -- playing through all 32 of his piano sonatas, at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, to raise funds to help pay for Robbie the Robot (prostate-cancer surgery machine at the Royal Berks). Already I have collected an astonishing £1800! But any further support would be much appreciated: see for details, including the remaining afternoon dates if you might be interested in coming to listen.

Best wishes,
Peter Soul

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Adrian Windisch said...

just in case you were intending tomorrow to come to the Thames Voyces concert I mentioned in my message on Wednesday, I have to say that it's been cancelled (owing to illness & absence among the sopranos).