Thursday, 8 March 2012

Flooding Tories

"Householders at risk of flooding should take responsibility for preventing future damage to their homes despite the fact that this may not reduce the cost of their insurance or even guarantee that they can buy flood cover", the
government has said.

Richard Benyon, the minister for natural environment and fisheries, confirmed that a five-year agreement between the insurance industry and the government to ensure flood-hit householders can buy flood cover
for their homes would not be renewed when it ends in June next year. "Renewing [the agreement] would not solve the problem,"

Would you be surprised to hear that this is yet another tory broken promise.

A check by Channel 4 News found:
;Whichever way you look at this one, it seems Mr Cameron was wrong to say spending on flood defences was protected.
It found there had been an 11% cut to the budget for flood defences compared to the last four years.

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